May 13, 2016: Strung Out Music Meditation

Karma Cafe Guitar
  • Woke up this morning, did the morning kriyas and sun salutations. I'm finally getting the hang of this neti pot thing. I did my own condensed meditation and pulled a Tarot card. Today it was 9 - The Sage. This card confirmed many of the messages I felt I was receiving the day prior. This card represents wisdom, and prudence. It features an old man, leaning on a staff with a lamp and half-covered in a square cloak. The staff symbolizes wisdom that is gained through experience in the world, and the lamp is enlightenment. He half covers it with a square cloak, a square represents the material world in which all this experience is gained, but hiding the light from those that aren't ready or aren't interested. Not tossing pearls to swine? This was a confirming thought to start the day, a reminder to watch what I say and make sure it comes from my own experience.
  • Headed to Agama for the morning meditation. It was led by Allie and focused on the "spiritual heart". It was a good meditation and experience, but I think I prefer the other style, which works with the central channel and rising energy along the spine. Maybe I was just less focused today.

Agama Morning: Prasarita Pattosanasa

  • "Spread-out foot-rising posture"
  • Used to be a level 5 posture but they moved it to level 1 this year.
  • Performed by spreading the legs out on the mat, making a cradle with your hands and bending over forward. The cradle is measured by grasping the forarms with the hands, then using that length to make a triangle, clasping the hands. The head goes in the cradle and the butt is up in the air.
  • Focuses on telluric energy rising up the legs to muladhara chakra. This is a sublimation posture, so the energy gathered at muladhara flows downward along the spine to sahasrara and there is a secondary focus there as well.
  • After class, I went to the Agama cafe to type up my notes. Aernoud sat down and we chatted and joked for a bit, and Nadiya came over to join us. As I was finishing my notes amid the conversation, Mandy contacted me on Facebook messenger, excited out of her mind that she is GETTING A CAT!!! Since Allie was in the cafe as well, we coordinated a Skype at the cafe, sharing excitement about the cat and giving Mandy and Allie a fun chance to catch up. I toured her around via the computer and she even got to say hi to the cafe manager, which was sweet. We stayed on a little later and she was able to give me some valuable advice on how to approach the program, and some social awkwardness that inevitable is coming as people are releasing energies around me.
  • Afterwards, I rode down to that Happiness restraunt to see what it was like in the daytime. The tide was out and beach view is good, but it's almost nicer at night. The fried rice was delicious as ever.
  • From there, I went home and took a quick nap before afternoon class.
  • Afternoon practice was good. It seemed to focus mostly on the sublimation postures, and toward the end, we did a music meditation that featured sahasrara music. Oh. My. God. Crown chakra music is really really trippy and sort of like very eclectic, experiemental techno. I had crazy sensations, spasms in my neck and through concentrating on balance between focus and receptivity, I felt like I broke through a new layer of sahasrara sensation.

Agama Evening: Vamana Dhauti and Ayurveda

  • Vamana Dhauti is essentially self-induced vomiting in the morning.
  • Means "the cleansing of the middle", also referenced as the elephant purification.
  • Removes impurities in the stomach, and strengthens and improves its shape.
  • Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine.
    • Health is physical and mental well-being; freedom from disease, pain or defect; normalcy of physical and mental functions; soundness.
    • 5000 years old.
    • Talks about more than the physical body, total well-being.
    • Dosha - a fault; something that can go out of balance or changed; a temprament.
      • Ether + Air = Vata dosha
      • Fire + Water = Pitta dosha
      • Water + Earth = Kapha dosha
    • Prakriti - an imbalance at birth (of doshas)
    • Vikriti - a current imbalance
    • How to know a prakriti
      • Tests of the pulse
      • Looking at the nails, eyes etc
    • Tridosah - perfect balance
    • Doshas
      • Vata
        • Changeable, adaptable, active, restless, curious, verbal
        • Emotionally nervous
        • Mentally intellectual, and idea person
        • Disease tendancy: cold, irregular, nervous disorder, depressed
      • Pitta
        • Practical, impatient, smart, competitive
        • Emotionally angry
        • Mentally analyst, architect, a doer
        • Hot, irritable, infection, inflammation
      • Kapha
        • Calm, serious, compassionate, attached
        • Mentally calm or oblivious
        • Intellectually managerial, calm and patient
        • Slow, heavy, excess water, mucus
    • Balance doshas via diet, lifestyle and treatment
  • Vamana Dhauti - Technique
    • Drink 1 - 1.5L of water
    • Can add a little salt to make help with vomiting sensation
    • Water should be body temperature ~ 30 degrees C
    • Squat in uttkatasana while you drink
    • Stand up, hop to toilet (this loosens the crap in the stomach). Push stomach in and out.
    • Put two fingers under the left rib, and one or two fingers in the mouth, down the throat.
    • Stay bent over in between heaves.


  • This was a decent talk, but could have been organized a little better. The ayurveda concepts are cool to hear about and they ring bells from recent lectures at The Gnostic Society in Los Angeles, where Dr. Hoeller broke down the different cultural and historical systems of personality tempraments. I think I identify as a pitta type, but more firey / airy if that makes sense; maybe pitta / vatta. After the lecture, I asked the question about the goal in balancing oneself via Ayurveda and Hatha yoga. In Ayurveda, balancing oneself is in reference to the character of the person, the point isn't to balance into perfect harmony between the tempraments, it's to balance you in harmony with how you were born. Keith didn't have a great idea of how this idea relates to or overlays on top of a long-term Hatha yoga practice. Essentially, I'm wondering if the goal of Hatha is growth toward balance, are we all moving toward the same balance, or is my balance specific to my character and temprament at birth or determined cosmically? Keith did say that all the different yogi masters have different tempraments, so this may suggest that variety of personalities is totally possible while they all reach enlightenment. Food for thought as we keep going :)
  • After class, a group of people were going to a sound healing bath, which I thought sound good, at Orion healing center. Nadia and I decided to grab some dinner first and try Karma cafe down the street from the school. The food was amazing and very healthy. I'm committed to eating more salad and even lighter -- even though I'm only eating two meals a day, I find myself eating on schedule as opposed to when I'm hungry, so I want to listen to my body more and avoid weighing myself down, playing with a new balance. We got enraptured in deep conversations, exploring each others tempraments and previous and present experiences and ultimately missed the sound bath :( It's ok, it was put on by Anandi's friend and there should be another one soon. I did manage to pick up a guitar lying in the corner at the cafe (I had been wishing I had brought my guitar after one of the teacher's played prior to the Satsang the night before), and played a little bit. Perhaps a poor example of my skills on an old, dirty, guitar, or perhaps a good example of thought-becoming-reality.


yay! This is great. I look forward to reading more. How inspiring. You're doing it. Enjoy!!

Funny how the timing of our thoughts and actions work. Just the day before you sent photo I was thinking about you and your music and wondering if you missed your guitar. Then this picture appears on your blog. Made me smile! Lots of love and music!

Interesting as usual

Keep picking at that guitar, Aaron. It will come back. It's in there!! Sending you love and positive vibes as you continue on your journey, homeslice.

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