May 9, 2016: Diamonds in The Mind

The Art Cafe
  • Was pressed for time this morning, so performed a quick morning meditation and headed off to class.

Agama Morning: Vajrasana

  • Means "diamond" or "thunderbolt".
  • Is referring to the power of the mind, also a tool held in the right hand.
  • Performed by sitting on ones legs, placing the hands on the thighs with the back straight and head level.
  • This asana works on both ajna and anahata chakra simultaneously, devloping both chakras, but also harmonizing them together.
    • The combination of the these two energy centers results in compassion and loving kindness; the head and the heart together.
    • Compassion is different than pity. True compassion comes from equanimity, "I would take this from you if I could".
  • Effects
    • Works on the mind.
    • A sitting or meditative asana.
    • Works on digestion. This is one of the only asanas recommended to perform after eating, or even during a meal.
    • Works on what is known as the "rainbow body".
      • The normaly downward stream of energy is reversed upwards.
      • Mastry can produce the paranormal effect of dematerialization, turning one's body into light. This process takes 49 days. Yogi's have performed this and when they investigate, all that is left is the hair and nails.
      • This is considered the "most powerful" accomplishment in yoga. Not necessarily the greatest, but the most powerful.


  • After class, I appraoch Ram, the teacher and ask if he is still willing to sit down with me to discuss astrology. We schedule a meeting for Monday at 1:30 at a restraunt named Taboon. He also informs me that this is what he does for a living. I take the hint and ask him what his rate is. He replies 2000B per hour. This is more than I was expecting, but I agree. I wasn't quite under the initial impression when I approached him a few days ago that his offer to sit down for 15-20 minutes intended a business transaction, but it is obviously fair to have him compensated for his occupation. I figure it will be a good experience to see how much I can learn from him in 30 minutes, testing him as a teacher against my own knowledge of astrology. I have a lot of respect for his disposition as a teacher in class and this might be a good opportunity to get to know him personally a little bit as well. If things exceed my expectations, I may consider additional tutoring or a more formalized reading.
  • I went to the cafe and ended up sitting at a table with a bunch of people from class who were still rather new to me. Bryan, a guy from San Francisco and Romina from Venezuela and I connected about technology, freelancing and entrepreneurship. Bryan quit his job at a bank and in intersted in people who go out and work for themselves. Romina was a systems engineer with a Cisco certification, so we had a lot to talk about, particularly our transitions out of the expectations of society. I also met Mattias from Germany and another very nice German girl whos name I happen to be blanking on at the moment. This is a new little clique for me. It's interesting to note how social circles form within the class. I'm careful not to get to embedded in any of them. Everyone is excited through this transformational experience and a little hungry for the energy and information floating around. My prior experience with these concepts and yoga itself, as well as my questions in class appear to slightly earmark me as someone whose interesting to talk to, so I'm careful to avoid social attachments. This comes naturally, almost unconsciouly to me. I want to make sure I'm open and available to make connections to people I can learn deeply from.
  • After a little further conversation at the cafe, the group decides to go to The Art Cafe for lunch. I was there yesterday, but it sounds like a good chance to explore these people. Chand joins and we head over there, sitting upstairs. We talk about a variety of things, but between Bryan and I, the politics of the American election come up. It spawns an opportunity to explore/explain the idea we were learning about polarity in the form of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Both are agents of the undercurrent desiring extreme change in America, just polar expressions. This discussion also morphs into the political situation in Venezuela and as Romina describes the circumstance in her country and her feeling on her people's involvement with the government, I sense a stark contrast in operations between the countries. Venezuelans seem to know they don't have any power to change, but Americans are tricked into thinking they have a say via a facade of democracy.
  • After lunch, I head home for some alone time. Inspired by Nadiya's advice the day prior, I do a meditation on some old painful experiences I'm growing through (hopefully) the lasts stages of and ask The Cosmic if gratitude and forgiveness in the case is for my highest good. The Cosmic says yes, so I craft an email, thanking one of my greatest adversaries for the lessons I learned through a painful experience. I feel the beginnings of a deep emotional release and I anticipate the approaching yoga classes and experiences will involve more detoxing, emotional alchemy and introspection. It feels good to have made a move and not have to live further wondering if this thank you is in order for further growth. Shortly after sending the email, I happened to check my Facebook stream, and a status update from an astrologer I follow surfaced saying: "Jupiter Direct: so much healing to be had right now." I haven't had time to keep my eye on the current astrology, but apparently Jupiter, my best planet went direct today in the sign of Virgo dealing with healing and individuation. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Back to Agama for the afternoon yoga practice.

Agama Evening: Dharana

  • The Mind must be with the yoga practice.
  • Today's education behavioral problems are more due to a lack of training in concentration.
  • One can measure the mean of society's ability to focus by the average duration of  YouTube clip.
  • The Mind hates to focus.
  • Evolution is impossible with the current level of concentration.
  • You ar not in control of your Mind. Moods, thoughts, desires and traumas can still control you.
  • There is no control, we are conditioned by mental patterns we didn't choose.
  • Dharana is the perfect balance between focus and control and serenity.
  • In meditation, there are two factors; awareness of the mind, and control of the mind.
  • Initially, the awareness grows faster than control, it makes us feel crazy when we first start meditating.
  • There is no peace in life when The Mind is diseased, it's like a rough ocean.
  • Mental quietness is "higher" than the emotional body.
  • Everything that goes into Spirit must go through the mind, go through concentration.
  • Mind > Energy > Breath
  • To have The Mind focused for more than 10 seconds in phenomenal.
  • Like the Power of the sun when concentrated under a magnifying glass, focus is POWER.
  • Using The Mind, crazy things are possible. People brainwash themselves that they won't be hurt if they walk on coals, walking on water in the Bible. If you truly believe you can do it, you can.
  • Karma puppets you.
  • A lack of concentration is compensated for by duration.
  • Samayama is to concentrate in order to become one with something.
  • Ajna chakra controls concentration.
  • An example is that reality begins when you start believing it. You are sick when the doctor tells you you are sick and you believe it. It reminds me of the idea of superposition in quantum physics and the role of consciousness in the observer. The class has a rough time accepting this fully in the Q&A.
  • To change yourself, you must concentrate fully on a powerful thought until it takes root in your subconscious mind and becomes a reality.
  • The surroundings play a role in resistance to this principle, I believe.
  • One important thing to remember is not to fight The Mind. When you lose concentration bring it back to the point of focus with detachment and without anger.
  • Use emotions to take The Mind with them. They add energy to this process.
  • Align the energy, the emotions and The Mind.
  • Techniques
    • During the Agama yoga practices, when we are told to focus our attention to perceive, actually do it and try hard to perceive what they say. It's building the reinforcement of these abilities in our Minds.
    • Throw a littel bit of rice on the table and try to count it with only the mind, starting over when you lose count.
      • This activity improves the link from the subconscious to the conscious mind.
      • One must practice, the mind is like a muscle.
    • Look at a clock with a second hand and count along with it. Then close the eyes and visualize where the second hand goes. Open eyes to check if you are still on time.
    • Shambavi Mudra - creating a reality with visualization
      • You cannot create a reality until you can visualize it perfectly an hold that image until it catches.
      • Put a ping pong ball in front of your third eye and stare at it on a side with not decals or lines. Once you have it, try to replicate it exactly with the eyes closed.
      • This diamond mind is The Mind of Shiva, the mind of God that created the Universe.
      • Practice 25 minutes.


  • This is a good lecture, and I'm familiar with this from my studies of esoteric psychology as well as Jungian astrology. For me, it was very inspirational to hear these things again, but it seemed like a very big topic for the rest of the class to stomach some pieces of. I've actually practiced things like this before, visualizing numbers or letters either in my mind or against a textured ceiling. This topic has always been of interest to me as I am a supposed rare one who doesn't see anything with my eyes closed. All my research has pointed toward the power and necessity of visualization, but it doesn't come easy to me. Even in my dreams I am just aware of a context and what is happeneing, I don't see images, shapes or pictures. I'm inspired to work on this further, especially since cultivating this ability has the potential to rapidly increase your spiritual development. If you develop your third eye to the point where you can concentrate and create, then you can believe your way to the other chakras opening. I have a hunch that for me, I have an incredible power of concentration (relative to the norm) which I assume is the masculine aspect of ajna chakra. I asked a question to confirm this and bring up my lack of visualization. Ram, the teacher says that I'm right about ajna and masculine concentration, but he also mentions that manipura is linked to the eyes and that cultivating that could help with visualization. Also, his father is one that couldn't visualize and eventually trained himself to do it via Shambavi Mudra. I'm inspired to investigate this further, and I think this theory is falling more in line with my understanding of myself as a hyper masculine imbalance. Hopefully this work on trikonasana will surprise me at some point with a visual treat.
  • After class, Claire comes over to my mat and invites me to grab dinner with her. I accept! We haven't spent too much time together recently and I'd love to get to know her a little more and compare her experiences. On the way out of the hall, a number of other people ask what's going on Claire happily invites them to tag along. We end up with a good size group going down the road to this little place called The Green Leaf. I wasn't expecting to be in the midst of this many people, but accept it as it comes. The place turns out to be really good and it's a fun dinner. The conversation circles around metaphysics and esoterica theories. People seem to find my perspectives really interesting and I find myself in a familiar Sagittarian teacher-type role. There is an American couple from Colorado who have just dropped into Agama for the day. They are great to talk to and bring a healthy skepticism to some of the ideas, but are intrigued nonetheless. The conversation is energetic, with everyone excited to test their own understandings or share their personal experiences. This gives me some great opportunity to practice patience through particular people unconsciously interrupting each other throughout. It's good to get a feel for where different people are at with the material. Over the past few years, I've tried to serve The Divine through sharing my own knowledge and experience to the best of my ability, freely, through every little conversation and experience in life. This isn't evangelism, it's knowing when to say the best thing I know to inspire someone to further growth. It's interesting that here, amid this school and this class and "high" spirituality, these opportunities still present themselves to me. I'm trying to continue what I deem to be my work with as little an ego as possible.
  • Also, after sitting down to dinner, I stand up and my necklace with a key on it, of course with symbol meaning for me, breaks. It's like another sign that all my attachments are releasing themselves here. I still hold onto the original intention that necklace has for me. It is a key that says "Master" on it and I adopted it as a symbol of my quest to master myself, my lower desires and my character. However, given the meditation, gratitude email and emotional release I had earlier this afternoon, an alternative and previously unrecognized symbol emerges; I may no longer be chained by the old energy of an old traumatic experience initiated by a "master" outside myself. Maybe I'm just talking crazy talk again.
  • I drive home, realize that my house key was also on that chain, so I had to drive back to the restraunt, find it on the ground, and head back to finally meditate and get some rest.


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